Harald Junghanns, MD

Orthopaedic Surgeon,  Sport Scientist (M.A.)

The combination of sports and medicine characterises Dr. Junghanns' career. At the same time as studying medicine, he completed a degree course in sport sciences and is therefore an orthopaedist and a sports scientist.

After starting his work as a doctor in a clinic in Stuttgart, several years at the University of Freiburg followed, where the focus of his work was joint surgery and cartilage therapy.

As a keen athlete himself (cyclist, outdoor sports), he is particuarly well versed in the needs involved in sports.

1987 - 1994Study of Medicine
University of Frankfurt am Main
1990 - 1994Study of Sports Sciences
Subsidiary subjects: Sports Medicine and Pedagogics
University Frankfurt am Main
1995Dissertation with Prof. Banzer
Institute for Sports Sciences
University of Frankfurt am Main
1995 - 1997Sports Clinic Stuttgart, Bad Cannstatt
Prof. Habermeyer and Prof. Steinbrück
Focuses: arthroscopic knee and shoulder surgery
1997 - 2002Orthopaedics Department of Freiburg University Clinic
Prof. Reichelt
Focuses: Shoulder clinic, cartilage transplantation and arthoscopy
2002-2003Outpatient operations and work in private practice
seit 8/2003nova clinic Orthopaedics


Harald Junghanns, MD

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