National Cooperation

Cooperation over a wide geographic area

Cooperation with expert partners in anaesthesia, pain therapy and rehabilitation leads to optimum results of treatment. 

We can only maintain such a high level of competence through working together with the doctors who refer patients to us. Despite a catchment area of approximately 200 km, close cooperation is very important to us. Collegial cooperation  assures the high quality of patient care.

Patients are prepared to travel from far afield to be treated in our clinic and no health reform laws or other reglementation will be able to change this attitude. 

Our philosophy is to work in close cooperation with the referring orthopaedic specialists, surgeons and primary care physicians.

Our Partners

Network of Orthopaedists in Upper Swabia ONOS

Orthopädie Freiburg Süd

Krankenhaus Bad Waldsee

Acura Kliniken Albstadt